I highly recommend Ma. Robin Webb services for any family seeking a counselor with a Christian background. Ms. Webb has been a tremendous help to me and my family.

Robin Webb has been a great in assisting me through the issues of my life. Her words of guidance, insights, the books, and other material she has recommended have opened my eyes, and helped me to grow. In addition, as Christian Counselor, she has ensured that values of the Bible are incorporated into every session.

Robin Webb is a wonderful counselor. She is easy to talk to and has the given me tools that help greatly.

Ms. Robin Webb is a highly committed and extremely knowledgeable Christian leader. She takes pleasure in encouraging others and is zealous about helping them grow in the knowledge and character of Jesus Christ.

Robin Webb was my counsellor during an especially difficult time in my life. I found her to be extremely effective in helping me navigate through a myriad of feelings and used her extensive knowledge of scripture to guide me to a deep understanding and acceptance of my new reality. Robin really listens well. She can hear what is being “said” underneath the words I spoke. I regard her highly and would make a beeline back to her the next time I’m having difficulty making sense of a situation. Simone A.