He helped me see me for who I am instead of through all the stuff I have hung onto all my life.

Being totally new to counseling, I was a bit apprehensive. Let me tell you, from the moment I first spoke with Chris Chandler I was immediately put at ease and felt totally welcomed. My entire experience has been incredibly professional and discreet/confidential.

Having had the opportunity to observe Mali Hawkins MS, LMFTA, caring for people in many different situations, it’s easy to state that she is exceptionally gifted to listen, stay present, encourage and wisely counsel others.

Everyone is a little tangled up. One of the worst things is that we sometimes can’t see how we’re tangled up, so we struggle to make sense of our own stories.  Chris has helped to clarify things for me.  By observing where issues were linked and noting how stories were related, Chris helped me to see how connected things are.

Looking for a Counselor? I just had to take a few minutes to endorse Seattle Christian Counseling. This wonderful program founded and led by Benjamin Deu, MA, LMHC and Erik Mildes, MA, LMHC provides the highest quality counseling practice in the Seattle area.