Tammette Chitwood is incredibly understanding. She makes her clients feel safe and she radiates a sense of calmness. She is a woman of God and anyone who meets her is lucky to be in her care.

Tammette has truly blessed our family!

Tammette is a great therapist in all areas: grounded, kind, compassionate, true. She’s super flexible and accommodating with our schedule/budget. Nonetheless, my deepest gratitude is on how she navigates dealing not only w our very shy kids, but also w their two divorced, at times disagreeing, but very present parents. Thank you for your investment in our kids lives. May God continue to use you and bless you abundantly. Almost forgot to show you guys her very welcoming and calming office. Here are some pictures:

Tammette is an absolutely elegant listener and speaker. She will help you through thick and thin and leave you with a smile at the end of your time together.

I have been seeing Tammette for several months, and I can attest she is a great therapist. She is very caring and a great listener. She gives advice without judgement. She helped me and also my daughter. I highly recommend her!